HTML Guide

A basic guide to understanding HTML for users who want to learn how their Markdown converts into HTML. This guide will help you understand the structure and components of HTML documents.

Basic Guide on Understanding HTML
  • HTML Structure: An HTML document starts with <!DOCTYPE html>, followed by <html><head>, and <body>tags.
  • Head Section: Contains meta information, title, and links to stylesheets.
  • Body Section: Contains the content of the page, such as headings, paragraphs, images, and links.
  • Common Tags:
    • <h1> to <h6>: Headers
    • <p>: Paragraphs
    • <a>: Links
    • <img>: Images
    • <ul> and <ol>: Unordered and ordered lists
    • <table>: Tables
    • <div>: Division or section of content
    • <span>: Inline container for text
Tips for Understanding HTML
  1. Start with Basics: Focus on understanding the basic structure and common tags before moving on to more complex elements.
  2. Use Online Resources: Utilize online resources and tutorials to learn more about HTML.
  3. Experiment: Practice writing and editing HTML to see how changes affect the output.
  4. Validate Your Code: Use HTML validators to check for errors and ensure your code is up to standard.

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